Salome's funeral

In order of the procession: Charly and his mother Elizabeth, Paul and wife Rose, Fernand and sister Noella, Marcelle and Leonie (Both barely seen), Raymond and wife Ida, Maurice and sister Claudine, Henry behind Maurice


Raymond and Ida's wedding

To the right of  Ida is Henry, her father, Bolduc. To the right of  Henry in the rear is Elizabeth Jelly Nadeau.

Charly is to the left of Raymond with Salome between them.

Walking in the rear left of Charly is Paul. Woman left of Paul is Germaine


Nadeau, Cote, Roberge, Cantin, and clans with whom the nadeau family is closely related through intermarriage of first cousins.

Taken at the golden wedding anniversary of Emile and Bernadette Roberge

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