Syrup destined for butter is boiled down further and then agitated  with a spoon to mix with air. Nothing is added.

Syrup destined for taffy is boiled down to the right consistency. You don't find pure taffy in stores very often because it has a tendency to crystallize over time and turn into sugar. This is unfortunate because, poured over ice or snow, there is nothing like it.

Waiting for another round of taffy, armed with our wooden spoons. Gabriel is enjoying my model as well.

Keep pouring it on please!

Giselle finds it heavenly.

You bet I'm coming back next year. I asked Rodrigue to keep some for me to make available to anyone in the world via my commercial site.

Maple butter on bagels or toasts--yumyum!

Left to right: Sylvain and his mom, Yolande, and aunt Giselle.

They say welcome!

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