After going through the condenser, the sap goes into the tank for boiling down. Rodrigue's son Luc is shown tending the tank.

Galina Popov, my model and comrade, is showing you the front of the tank where the boiler is located.

Rodrigue is feeding the boiler. Many operations today use oil, but Rodrigue prefers wood.

Left to right is Luc, Allain (another of Rodrigue's sons), Rodrigue, Galina Popov,  Giselle (Rodrigue's sister) and behind her is Gabriel (Rodrigue's brother). Rodrigue had 8 brothers and sisters.

Here Allain is testing the boiled sap for sugar content and it meets specs. From here the syrup is put through a filtering tank and then tested for purity and clarity. If it passes all the stringent tests, it is canned as syrup. If  taffy is wanted it is boiled down further and even more for butter and candy.

To insure a good tight seal, Rodrigues prefers to use the old-fashion canning device for sealing the can. This is a lot of elbow work.

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