Scenic--Rocks & Stones

A conglomerate in the making cemented by iron oxides

Not all Fossils. Here is a very nice quartz geode.

The rock shows the flow of liquefied solutions

A fairly large boulder in a "gravel pitt' about 5 miles south on rt. 27 from Stratton

This boulder shows the inclusion of pieces of the surrounding bedrock in a granite intrusion

A gravel pitt on the Tim Pond Road  15 miles from Stratton to Oquossic

The "Pitt" shows sediment which was finely sorted by a  slow moving river in a plain --perhaps a lake--and then a glacier deposited its load of unconsolidated gravel on top

On the road halfway between Stratton to Rangeley on rt. 16.

This "gravel pitt" is a terminal moraine from a receeding glacier. The gravel is unconsolidated (unsorted) with big boulders mixed in with fine sediment.

my home is a laboratory. Here, some limestone fragments are "cooking " in a weak acetic acid solution.

This is a soapstone, in the center, from a road outcrop on rt. 27. It appears that the vein is of major proportion.

Jade ?

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