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l/r: Ida, Anne Arseneault, Rose, ?, Georgette

children are: Peter, ?, ?, ?

left--Peter Nadeau, Ida, Anne Arseneault, Ida's sister, Rose, Mrs Knowles?, Georgette Pare Nadeau (Henry's wife).

Picture taken at a Stratton picnic.

l/r: Peter, Henry, ?, Maurice, Paul, Raymond

left--Maurice, Paul, Raymond Nadeau

The Picnics

Good Morning to all of you out there. This is just a note to let you know that all is well here in Lewiston with my little family.

When I get down to Felix's I have a few good pictures that will bring back memories for many of you. I have photos of cookouts in Stratton and some of the family gatherings. I wish I had some of the picnics we had at Green Bush on the Canadian Road north of Stratton. Those were the greatest . My folks liked to take almost everyone up there for picnics. I remember playing in the woods, eating roasted corn on the cob and the ferns that my mother would cover the picnic table with.. A picnic up there was always a treat.


The First Pizza

Hi everybody, Dick's recollection of our ski trip several years ago was a treat for me. What a great day that was! To me it was the best day that the two of us ever spent together. Just two cousins enjoying a great day outdoors without kids or other complications. Hat's off to you Dick for renewing that memory!

Since turnabout is fair play, I have one for you, too. When we were kids, my folks used to bring us kids to visit your family in Lewiston fairly often. Mostly these trips were in conjunction with shopping expeditions, etc. My two favorite trips were:

1) The time that you had gotten some anesthesia and surgical supplies (probably secured by Louise a nursing school) and dissected a live frog. God, that blew my mind. We had gone upstairs thru that narrow stairway close to Aunt Rose's small kitchen.

2) Uncle Paul Emile got some pizza for everyone during one of our visits. It's memorable for me because it was the first time I had pizza!

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