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Dear family:

I feel the need to expound on my points of view. These are clearly stated in my about page and elsewhere as they are also reflected in my posts. But selective perception being what it is, it is sometimes good to repeat certain important things.

Some people seem to have the opinion that I am seeking to blame so-and-so for this or that. If you will go through all my writings you will find that I make a special attempt to avoid blame--or scapegoating. I simply do not see things this way and have not since I was a child. I always look for causes but never blame. What is the difference?

A cause is a non-value-judgmental event which produces a result. A cause is a result of other causes. Results then being causes for other results which in turn produces other causes. Is is simply a link in a chain which can not be understood by itself. When we try to understand causes we deal with speculation (informed guesses). Everything which is not tangible is speculative.

Blame is scapegoating and is judgmental (good or bad from a moral point of view). It is done without looking for objective understanding with learning in mind.

Some people prefer to deal with only objective and tangible (factual) realities and do not feel the need to deal with speculative stuff. This however denies the validity of most of our existence. Creativity, perception, subjectivity, even logic and reason are by nature speculative and subjective.

My position is simple. Concentrate on the truth as best we can determine and report it from the standpoint of understanding and learning. I believe that family history should teach us something about ourselves in a compassionate way without blame. I do not believe that it should simply be a sanitized and fabricated memorial to our forebears. It is hard for me to understand how we can bare our president's ass in moments of fellatio with bimbos on the one hand and still sanctimoniously refuse to acknowledge that we are all made the same and have the capacity to act the same way. This is hippocrasy. Genealogies are meant to be history not gravestones. They should be presented meaningfully, objectively, wholly, and truthfully but compassionately.

I will be happy to posts any other persons opinion without change.

I will also be very happy to continue an open debate or dialog on this subject with a moderator on the Nadeau Community at Onelist--either in posts or in the chat room.

Send me your input.

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