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Famille Charles Nadeau

Charles Nadeau

1-01641 Pauline's collection

Buried in Stratton--upper cemetary in the same cemetary as Maurice

In ther lower cemetary is Charly's aunt, Anne (Gelly--Joly) Arseneault

In The Flagstaff cemetary, also in Eustis (Stratton) Township is Raymond and Ida

Rest in Peace Charly

Ida Bolduc Nadeau

Rose Aimee Bolduc Nadeau

Paul Emile Nadeau

Salomee Roberge Nadeau

Salome (Roberge) Nadeau's funeral

Man at left is her husband, Charles Nadeau

Linda's collection

Salome (Roberge) Nadeau's funeral

Linda's collection

Linda's collection

Salome's funeral

Head of procession are: Elizabeth (Gelley or Joly) Nadeau and son Charles, who is the widower

Next is Paul and wife Rose (Bolduc) Nadeau

Next is Fernand Nadeau and sister Noella (Blais)

Followed by Raymond and wife Ida (Bolduc) Nadeau

Linda's collection

Salomee Roberge Nadeau

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Salome's funeral

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Salome's funeral

back l/r: Raymond (with jaw hidden behind Leonie's hat. Furthest man to left is Paul and wife Rose on right rear of Leonie. To the right and rear of Rose is Raymond's wife Ida in curled hairdo. Little girl in left front is Nicole Nadeau and net to her on right is Marcelle (Marie). Immediately behind Marcelle is Charly and to his right is Henry in military uniform. Behind and to the left of Charly is Fernand. Behind and to the right of Charly is Claudine. Behind and to the right of  Henry is Noella followed by Elizabeth Joly and then Maurice at extreme right.

Two of  Salome's children are not present at the funeral. Missing is Raymonde who was expecting a baby anytime (Raymonde 's daughter Claudette born the 15th  of  November 1944. Salomie died November 11 , 1944.) and Gerard who had just been discharged from the military and Charles was unable to contact in time for the funeral. He arrived home a week after the funeral.

Charles Nadeau & Salome Roberge

1-05131 Pauline's collection

1-05130 Pauline's collection

1-05945 Pauline's collection

Charly's funeral l/r: Roland and Claudine Fluet,  Fernand and Germaine in back, Marcelle (Nadeau) Stanley?, Paul and Rose, Ida and Raymond

1-06004 Pauline's collection

Charly's funeral in Stratton. Buried in Upper Stratton Cementary next to his youngest, Maurice.

1-06032 Pauline's collection

l/r: Andre Blais and wife, Felix and Moniquen Ann Dobson.

Front row l/r: Nicole (Felix's daughter), Kathleen and Nicole (Richard's daughters)

Maurice Nadeau

Charles Nadeau

Martin Nadeau son of Fernand Nadeau and Germaine Rodrigue

Henry (Henri) Nadeau

Peter Nadeau, son of Henry

Fernand Nadeau

Funeral of Germaine Rodrigue Nadeau

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