Mystery Stories

Following are numerous records reported on this page to provide clues to unanswered questions and as raw data for future stories. If you read these pages you can't help but get an inkling that there can be some fantastic potential for the making of interesting stories. Louis Nadeau in the Yukon is a legend for his time.

Porter-Nadeau Road?

There are many things about the Porter-Nadeau Road and Peter Nadeau which need to be researched. Where does this guy fit into the genealogy books? He seems to be an omission. Who is his wife, when did she die  and where is she buried? Where was Peter born and when did he move to Eustis Ridge?

I have interviewed three of the oldest (around 95 yrs old) citizens of Stratton who all recall the same information about Peter Nadeau. They say that he received the injury (most believe that it was a broken hip) while working in the woods. He had to be carried for miles on horseback to get him out. This was too much for him and he died as a result. He died at Franklin Memorial 5 days before Christmas, 1932. Peter was born in 1853.

Richard Nadeau

7lb nugget!

For those of you who like mysteries and adventure, here is one for you to try and research. For many years I had heard of a huge missing diamond in the family. The mystery centered around Godfroid sr's children. Somehow the real mystery got lost and changed in the telling. The information below is offered to you researchers. What a great story lies here for someone.

Perhaps there are some in the family who would rather see such mysteries unsolved and buried with the passage of time. It is my conviction that in order to give life to a genealogy you must give it breath and meaning. Stories such as this one accomplish this while not hurting anyone and rectifying errors committed by silence. RIP Marjorique! On another note, I have consulted with two doctors about the possibility of Marjorique's death being due to mercury poisoning rather than MS. They concur that in the absence of MS in the lineage, that his death was probably mercury poisoning since this heavy metal was widely used by gold miners of the day for the extraction of dust. Mercury has an affinity for gold and unites with it. The gold-containing mercury was then baked in a hollowed potato. The mercury was absorbed by the potato leaving the gold in the hollow. The toxic potato was discarded (often eaten by animals which were eaten by the miners) following extraction of the gold. In the baking, fumes were often released and produced mercury poisoning in any living thing downwind.

Richard Nadeau

Hi Richard,

Sorry for the long delay in replying to your request for information. We have no research staff in the winter months and there is a large backlog of requests that I am working on.
First, I was wondering if you had contacted the Alaska magazine to see if they could give you any information on the authors reference materials.
As I am sure you know, Majorique Nadeau and Louis Nadeau are two different people. Both are buried in the Catholic cemetery in Dawson. Marjorie died May 29th , 1933 and Louis died October 1, 1944.I do not know nor have I found any reference to the story about the RCMP locating Majorie at his mine. Louis was mining here since the gold-rush days and was mining at Chief Gulch and Gay Gulch which are tributaries of Eldorado Creek. His mining records are extensive and would take many hours to sort through. I do have obituaries in the paper about Marjorie and can mail you copies if you would like. As for the article about the 7 pound gold nugget. This is remembered by some of the older residents here, although they said that the stone contained a lot of quartz and there was about 40 ounces of gold in the rock. Hope some of this information helps,

Cheryl Thompson

How many Nadeau were involved in the gold rush in the Yukon? Were they all closely related?

Most of these Nadeaus above appear to be brothers and sisters or first cousins of  Godfroid Jr. (Charly's father). Apparently most left after a couple of years hardship--some returned to Quebec and some settled in the Mid-West. Marie, one of Jean Nadeau's daughters, married in the Yukon. Louis Nadeau had a brother by the name of Peter who lived in Lewiston at the time of his death as can be seen by the probation of his estate below.

Following is the Probation of Louis' estate following his death.

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