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Wild Rasberry

Better have your loved-one next to you when you taste this  wild rasberry jam--it will make you pucker up. I have to travel miles along tote roads to find wild batches. Even after countless bramble-scratches and hours of picking in heavy brush, all the while on the guard against bears and enduring pesky black flies, moose flies and mosquitoes, you emerge with a quart but it is worth the effort. They are delicious! I enjoy the tartness of these wild berries and the full flavor. The price of this gourmet jam or jelly was $4.66 per ounce + shipping.

Wild Strawberries

While your loved-one is sampling another, you can be enjoying the tart flavor of these tiny, wild strawberries. The flavor is much more intense than the cultivated variety. After traveling miles to find them in sufficient numbers along wood roads, it takes several hours of picking on hands and knees (amid black flies, moose flies and mosquitoes) to pick two cupfulls of these and then several hours to carefully remove the stems and leaves. Not surprising that the price is high! A four-ounce jar sold for $17.65 or $4.66 per ounce + shipping.

If you want a real Voyageur or  American Indian experience, you have to try the Spruce Gum. This is definitely not for denture wearers (or maybe, ladies)--but then, the Indians did not wear dentures because they chewed Spruce Gum! If you are new to this, here's how to do it: Put the lump of gum in your mouth (it doesn't look very appealing at this stage--don't worry, it's antiseptic and 100% safe) and break it up into a granular and strong-tasting substance. At this stage it is somewhat distasteful but resist the temptation to spit it out. In this granular form it will merge with saliva and be warmed by your mouth. Keep chewing for about four minutes without spitting. You will notice that it becomes less granular as you chew. When you have a sizable lump which holds together, then spit out the juice and the impurities, which separated out, and keep chewing. You will spit out another 4 times before it is purified and great! After this period, take it out and look at it. It will have a beautiful color and taste great. It will now be good for about 30 minutes of terrific chewing and is the greatest tooth cleaner you can get. You can swallow the juice. It is antiseptic and medicinal and will not harm you in any way. After 30 minutes of chewing it becomes harder to chew and eventually becomes granular again and needs to be discarded. I don't understand why but this gum helped me stop smoking and relaxed me when I have felt stressed. I strongly recommend this as the very best thing that can happen to your mouth and you.

The price of this gum is $8.00 per ounce plus shipping

The following flavors are generally available for jams, jellies, syrups, and sauces which sold for $4.66 per ounce (+ shipping):

Blackberry, Blackhaw, Blackcherry, Blueberry, Chokecherry, Elderberry, Highbush Cranberries, Hawthorn, Mountain Ash, Rasberry, Rose Hip, Sarsaparilla, Strawberry, Nannyberry

The following candied products are $4.66 per ounce when available:

Cattail tender stem, Colt's foot, Pine Sprigs and bark, Burdock stem and root.

Try the exotic flours made from Arrowhead root, Pine bark, Sweet birch bark, Cattail pollen



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