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1-00564 Pauline's collection

This is a picture of an oil painting showing the ships at Quebec on the St. Lawrence--probably depicting the seige of the city by the British. This painting is very old and was in Noella's collection and is now in Pauline's collection. The painting was probably given to Noella by Elizabeth Gelly.

I am Richard, son of Paul, son of Charles, son of Godfroid junior, son of Godfroid senior, son of  Etienne, son of Ignace, son of Antoine jr, son of Antoine sr, son of Jean-Baptiste, son of Joseph Osaney, son of Macia Nadeau and Jeanne Despins of Genouillac, (Charente) in Angoumois, France....

I am the 11th generation of  Nadeau in the new world.

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