Godfroid II  Nadeau & Elizabeth (Joly) Gelley

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Godfroy and Elizabeth's wedding in St. Martin?

The date of Elizabeth's marrieage to Godfroid jr. is Sept. 28, 1886

Godfroid sn. died June 18, 1884--two years before his son's wedding

If so then l/r: ?., Godfroid jn. Elizabeth, Charles Gelley

Pictures and cameras were in daquereotypes (sp) in1886

Kodak marketted it's popular cameras two years later.

The present church of St. Martin was built in 1902 and 1903 according to historical documents.

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To Mr.  And Nrs. Godfroy Nadeau

Linda's collection

To Mr.  And Nrs. Godfroy Nadeau

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Elizabeth  (Joly) Gelly Nadeau

The name Gelley has many different spellings including Gely, Joly, and Jely, Yelly, Yearly. Gelly and Joly are the French versions of the name. Elizabeth's family used Gelley, whereas Elizabeth's descendent preferred  Joly. In the southern U.S. a Gelly changed it to Yearly and Yearly in error because they were illiterate. The earliest immigrants in 1660s to Canada from France (Jean Gely) used the Gely spelling. Elizabeth is probably descendant of Jean Gely.


Elizabeth Gelley's family. Elizabeth is sittintg on a chair second row up (pregnant ?) and Godfroid II Nadeau in front smoking his cigar. Second from left at top is Marie? and to the far right, Charles Gelley.  This picture was probably taken in Lowell, Mass. where the newly married couple went to live for 16 years. It seems that the Gelley family lived there as well.(from Pauline's collection)

"Une visite des Nadeau chez Joseph Roberge

Le blondinet en avant est Marc-André, sur la première rangée, Georges que l'on voit à peine, Gustave, Paul-Eugène, et Roger.

Jeanne-D'Arc est dans le milieu à gauche et sur l'autre rangée, se sont Godfroid Nadeau, Auguste Roberge, sr, Adèle (Jobin) Nadeau et Élisabeth, Marguerite et Jacqueline dans ses bras.

(Cette photo provient de Linda Nadeau Landriault, fille de Gérard Nadeau, le fils de Charles et Salomée Nadeau.)" Quoted from Yvette Roberge Cantin

l/r rear: Godefroid jr., Auguste Roberge sr.,  Luce Gay or Adele (Jobin) Nadeau, Elizabeth--wife of Godefroid jr.

l/r middle: Jeanne-D'Arc with hands on Gustave. To  the right in front og Godefroid jr is George. The boy in front of  Elizabeth is Paul-Eugene. The tallest boy at right is Roger. The little boy in front middle is Marc-Andre. The girl at right middle is Marguerite holding Jacqueline.

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Carnival glass candy dish given to Linda (Gerard's daughter) by Elizabeth Joly.

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Linda's collection

l/r:Godfroid II, Louis Nadeau (from Waterville), son of Joseph, Elizabeth.

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Linda's collection

l/r: Joseph, Bernadette, Elizabeth (Choquette), Cecile (who later became Sister Rachael and Sister Cecile), Jean Baptiste Nadeau (Godfroid II's 10tth sibling, b. 2/14/1869, d. 12/18/1926)

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Man is Jean or John Baptiste Nadeau (Godfroid II's sibling living in Michigan), wife Elizabeth (Chaquette), girl is daughter Bernadette, nun is  Cecile who took the name of Sister Rachael (and apparently later changed it to Cecile again--the very author of The Red Book on genealogy!), and boy is son, Joseph of whom much is said in the Red Book.

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Lucie Gelley--Elizabeth's sister

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Clara Gelley and daughters

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goes with the picture above.

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Lea Gelley

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1881 Canadian Census

Some name changes appear to have been changed. Jack must be changed from William and Lea must be the replacement for Eleanard

A check of the 1910 census shows no Gelley in Quebec. There is evidence that the family moved to Lowell or other town in Massachusetts.

The name Gelley has many different spellings including Gely, Joly, Jely, Yelly, Yearly. Gelly and Joly are the French versions of the name. Elizabeth's family used Gelley, whereas Elizabeth's descendents prefered Joly. In the southern U.S. a Gelley changed it to Yeally and Yearly in error because they were illiterate. The earliest immigrants in 1660s to Canada from France (Jean Gely) used the Gely spelling. Elizabeth is probably descendant of Jean Gely.


Gelley family. Elizabeth's brothers and sisters. This picture is on a postcard stamped Boston, Mass, Sept 6, 1905 and was addressed to Charles Gelley in St. Martin, Beauce. It bears a 1-cent stamp. Jack may be the William on the census of 1881. of  Franklin. (from Pauline's collection).


Leon Gelly, Elizabeth's brother, and his Japanese wife. Roger, the baby, is 3 months old. (from Pauline's collection).

1-03381 Pauline's collection

Relative of Elizabeth Gelley

Elizabeth and her sister Anne in Stratton

Felix's collection

Felix's collection

Henri-Louis and Louis jr Nadeau in Gardner, Mass.

Felix's collection

Elizabeth in St. Martin

l/r rear: ?, Nora (Gelley?), Jim

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l/r: Louis Nadeau and Blanche (Houle) at Louis' father's, Joseph Nadeau, wedding and second marriage to Adele (Jobin). Joseph had tthree children as result of two marriages. Two died at infancy and age two--Aurelie and Clarence and Louis, pictured here, died of a stroke at age 30. Louis and Blanch Houle never had children--terminating Joseph's family line.

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Elizabeth Gelley's sisters--I believe Cara is at left and Anna is at right. (from Pauline's collection).

Anna and son (could this be Henry Dyer who died at age 10 and is buried in 1906 in Rangeley?

Anna Gelley  (Elizabeth's sister).....Dyer....Arseneault and son. "Tante Anne" divorced her first husband, ? Dyer, and remarried to an Arseneault. She lived in Stratton, Me. where she is buried in the old cemetary. (picture from Pauline's collection).

The new public School in Stratton on postcard from Anne to sister Elizabeth

From Linda's collection

The date appears to be Oct. 29 or 17, 1924?

From Linda's collection

"Dear Sister, We are all well, thank God, and I hope that it is the same for all of you. Rudolph's familly lost their baby. He died the sixth of October. I didn't go to the funeral because it was raining very hard. We are having summer temperatures. It is very hot today, but the nights are cold. Say hello to everybody for us. Your devoted sister, Anne " (Translation by Monique Nadeau)

I found the information which might relate to Rufus Dyer in question and a possible child from the union below.


ID: I3757

Name: Rufus O. Dyer

Sex: M

Birth: 25 AUG 1863

Death: 11 OCT 1947 in Rangeley, Maine

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


Henry G. Dyer b: 1896


ID: I3453

Name: Henry G. Dyer

Sex: M

Birth: 1896

Death: 1906 in Rangeley, Maine

Father: Rufus O. Dyer b: 25 AUG 1863



Godfroid II and wife Elizabeth

l/r: Elizabeth (Gelley or Joly--partly cut off), Luce Gay?, Adele (Jobin)?--wife of Joseph Nadeau , ?,  Auguste Roberge sr., Joseph Nadeau?, Godefroid Nadeau--husband to Elizabeth

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rear l/r: Louis jr., Auguste Roberge sn., Louis  Nadeau sn.

sitting is Godfroid II Nadeau

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l/r: Godefroid jr., Louis Nadeau--Joseph Nadeau's son, Elizabeth

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l/r: Godfroid and brother Louis. Car plate says Mass., 1933

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Godfroid II and Elizabeth in 1926 taken in St.Martin

Picture contributed by Yvette Roberge Cantin

Click on Picture to see a group picture of their son, Charles, and grandchildren

Charles, the only child. Age and date are not known.


Great-grandma (mother of Charles Nadeau, our grandfather) lived in St. Martin, the village she and her husband founded since the village developed from their lumber camp. She lived across the street from our Bolduc grandparents. She enjoyed our visits even when we'd cross over without our parents. She always offered mints and fruits (Richard remembers the prunes, but I also remember the apples).

(Elizabeth Gelly Nadeau on left with sister Anne Gelly Arseneault taken in Stratton. Anne lived in Stratton Maine and was married to Rufus Dyer, divorced and re-married with Arseneault. She is buried in the Old Stratton Cemetery.)

Fortunately for us, Grandfather would bring her down to Stratton in the summer for extended visits with all the resident Nadeaus. In those days, children were to be seen but not heard; so after greetings, we were generally told to go outside. Because of severe asthma, I usually retreated to the kitchen for the visit. I did not have to wait long before Great-grandma joined me. She in the rocking chair and I at her feet, we would talk about the "old days". I would ply her with questions about travelling before the advent of cars and especially about the full-length dresses. To me, all of this was beautiful. She was glad better times had come. Those dresses were very expensive, difficult to keep clean with those dirt roads and required constant care. I later found out she was right, modern dress is better. On a couple of occasions, we went outside and she tried to teach us some country dance steps.

I remember her as cheerful and very attentive to children. Her eyes fascinated me - they seemed to twinkle. After our move from Stratton, we usually saw her only on our trips to St. Martin. I was very fortunate to be able to correspond with her when I was in the convent. Every month she wrote me and always enclosed a postage paid envelope. Her letters were spiritual and always very encouraging. Finally, she wrote to tell me that she and Grandpa were coming to visit me. She was very happy and couldn't wait to see her little nun. On the appointed Sunday I waited and weeks went by before I received Mom's letter letting me know that Great-grandma had died (Note from Richard--"I heard that she died in the automobile on her trip to Quebec city").

Knowing one's grandparents is a great privilege and a life enriching experience. When they die, there is great pain in the heart and soul but the memories keep living with us.

Over the years, I learned more details of the life of this extraordinary woman. In her younger days she was high spirited and didn't mind breaking a few social rules. She loved to dance; she rode a bicycle, occasionally smoked a pipe and would wear trousers at the lumber camp. She oversaw the maintenance of the camp and with the other wives, cleaned, laundered and cooked for the men. She also taught the children. We know that she traveled to New Hampshire and Massachusetts where Grandpa Nadeau was born. After the death of Grandma Nadeau (Salome Roberge), she took over the care of all her teen-age granddaughters. She was a woman of great heart. It's no wonder to me that, in his old age, Grandpa was so proud and protective of his mother's memory.

Nicole Nadeau Nemeth


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Gelley (Also spelled Joly and Jelly or Gely or Jely) family. I believe Clara is holding the steering wheel and seated to her left nearest to us is Elizabeth. Maria would be nearest us in the back seat.

next to Marie may be Anna. Leah would be furthest in the front seat, Lucie as furthest in the back seat.

The little boy and the two men as well as the little girl in the front of the car are questions.

(from Pauline's collection).


Blanche Gelley Gilbert, Elizabeth's niece. She lived in St Anne de Beaupre. (from Pauline's collection)


Alice Gilbert's baby. (From Pauline's collection)


Robert Gelley (Joly, Gely, Gelly). (from Pauline's collection)

1-03513 Pauline's collection

Gelley Family ?


Blanche Gelley Giguere ?

(from Pauline's collection)


Elizabeth's brother Arthur Gelley who was a musician. This postcard picture is dated 1905 and is addressed to Godfroid in St. Martin. (from Pauline's collection)

l/r: Leon Gelley, ?, Arthur Gelley

Elizabeth Joly's brothers

Linda's collection

Arthur Gelley  (Elizabeth Joly's brother) and wife

Linda's collection

Lower left: Isn't that Arthur Gelley's wife or is it Elizabeth?

Joseph Nadeau (Godfroid  II's brother), 2nd wife Adele (Jobin) and his son from former marriage--Louis. They resided in Waterville, Maine

Through a previous marriage with Helene Labrie of Brunswick, Maine, Joseph had a son and daughter--Aurelie died at birth and Louis (the one who went to the Yukon with wife Blanche) to find his uncle Marjorigue. Clarence was born of the second marriage but died at age 2.

Louis was the only surviving child and he died at 38 without children

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l/r: In front are Adele (Jobin) and husband Joseph Nadeau.

Rear l/r: Piere Cote, son?, wife Marie-Rose (Roberge) Cote

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Family of Auguste Roberge sr.,

l/r: Front: Louis, Auguste Roberge jr.

Rear l/r: Marie-Rose, ?, ?, ?

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Back of above picture.

Linda's collection

Elizabeth (Joly) Nadeau in left center

To Mrs. Godfroid Nadeau. Dear Aunt Elizabeth: We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Here, everyone is well. Wilfred is getting married to a Cantin lady. Your loving neice, Marie-Rose.

Linda's collection

-1940,7 Pauline's collection

Blanche and Louis Nadeau at their home in Waterville. Louis worked for the railroad as a baggage clerk. His father was Joseph Nadeau, also a railroad employee. The couple married in 1932.

Louis Nadeau died in 1940 of a stroke at age 38. He married Blanche and lived in Waterville, Maine. She never remarried and lived into her 90s

Linda's collection

l/r: Elizabeth (Choquette) Nadeau, Joseph, Cecile, Bernadette. This is Jean or John Baptiste ( Godfroid II's brother). Nadeau's family at the house which he built in Michigan.

Cecile is the Sister Rachael or Sister Cecile Nadeau, who wrote the big red genealogy book.

Linda's collection

-1930,4 Pauline's collection

Louis Nadeau died in 1940 of a stroke at age 38. Son of Joseph and Helene (Labrie) Nadeau. He married Blanche and lived in Waterville, Maine. She remained in Waterville, never had children or remarried and lived into her 90s, taking frequent trips to Europe and Africa. She worked for the Catholic church. (from Pauline's collection). Louis and his father, Joseph, both worked for the railroad.


upper l/r: Priest is Raymond Roberge. Next to him is Bernadette Roberge, then Ida bolduc Nadeau, Germaine Rodrigue, Yvette Roberge Cantin wearing glasses next to her father, Emile Roberge.

Next row l/r: Joseph (Colomb) Nadeau, Gabriel Nadeau, Clement Nadeau, Elizabeth Joly, Pauline Nadeau, Giselle Nadeau, Raymond Nadeau

Front row l/r: Rodrigue Nadeau, Felix Nadeau, Marcel Nadeau (from Pauline's collection)


l/r: Madeleine Blais, Andre blais? or Helene Blais, Louise Nadeau? (from Pauline's collection)


Nadeau, Cote, Roberge, Cantin Picture taken at Golden Wedding Anniversary of  Emile and Bernadette Roberge

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Godfroid jr, Auguste Roberge, Louis jr, Luce Gay or Adele (Jobin-)-Joseph Nadeau's wife,  Bernadette Roberge and daughter Yvette

Yvette's collection


Elizabeth and Godfroid II. (from Pauline's collection)

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Elizabeth at Fernand's (from Pauline's collection)

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