Fernand Nadeau & Germaine Rodrigue


Fernand  Nadeau and Germaine Rodrigue in courtship August 8, 1934, 1937 or 1939 (from Pauline's collection)

Fernand Nadeau and wife Germaine (Rodrigue)--wedding

Linda's collection

Leonie's collection

Leonie's collection


upper l/r: Priest is Raymond Roberge. Next to him is Bernadette Roberge, then Ida bolduc Nadeau, ( Germaine Rodrigue )  Nadeau, Yvette ( Roberge ) Cantin wearing glasses next to her father, Emile Roberge.

Next row l/r: Jos ( Colomb ) Nadeau, Gabriel ( Gaby ) Nadeau, Clement Nadeau, Elizabeth Joly, Pauline Nadeau, Giselle Nadeau, Raymond Nadeau

Front row l/r: Rodrigue Nadeau, Felix Nadeau, Marcel Nadeau (from Pauline's collection)


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The pond behind Fernand's farm. Woman in the boat at left facing us is Giselle. Woman at right facing us is Pauline. Woman with back to us is Theresa--Gerard's wife. Little girl with hat behind Theresa is Linda. Boy next to Giselle is Guy Frenette and little girl between Pauline and Theresa is Rita Frenette. Boy in water closest to bottom on picture appears to be Clement (from Pauline's collection)

-1960,7 -- from Pauline's collection

standing l/r: Rose and Paul Nadeau, Henri-Paul Lessard and Jeanne (Bolduc) Lessard?, ?, ?, Germaine and Fernand, Yoland (Poulin)? and Rodrigue?, Colomb ( Jos )?,

Sitting l/r: Pauline, Catherine ?, Martin, Pauline... and husband Gabriel with their children ?,

Man in front corner right ?



Gabriel, Fernand, Charly, Elizabeth. (from Pauline's collection)


l/r: Fernand, Charly, Paul taken at Fernand's (from Pauline's collection)

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Antoine I

Antoine II


Etienne (Quennache)

Godfroid  I

Godfroid  II


Charles' Children
Paul Fernand Henry Gerard Raymond Maurice Noel Aime
Noella Raymonde Claudine Leonie Leonne Marcelle

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