Henry Nadeau & Georgette Pare

Felix's collection 


Henry Nadeau at Joann's wedding taken on 10/9/'82

Henry and Georgette taken at Joann's wedding, Oct. 1982

From Joann's collection--thanks Joann

Peter and Martha

From Joann's collection--thanks Joann

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Peter  Nadeau

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Marthe Nadeau

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Henri (Henry)

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Henry Nadeau

Georgette and Martha Christmas, 1979

From Joann's collection--thanks Joann

Martha's Daughter -- Joann Newman

Hi Richard. Good to hear from you Debbie told me that you may be sending me an e-mail. Today I was on the family web page. I remember a lot of the names. It really amazes me how things happen. How Debbie just showed up on my door step one day.

Let me tell you a little about me. My life has had a lot of ups and downs. The hardest thing was finding out the truth about how Martha was really my mother. Georgette told me this when I turned 16 and Martha passed away before I was able to find out who my real father was. I had to struggle through a lot of depression due to losing Peter, Henry, Armond (Martha's husband) Georgette and Martha herself all in a 7 year span. I felt very alone with my 2 boy's, Eric and Donny. Georgette and Henry were not exactly very close to the family so I never really got to stay connected. When Debbie found me, then we found the family history book and found Claudine and Roland . Only then did I begin to realize a lot of the reasons why we never got together with family. Henry wasn't a very pleasant man when he was drinking of course I lived with all that. I married at a very young age 17 and had Donny Miller on Dec.19, 1976-- later divorced.  I married again and had my second son Eric Morgan, July 27, 1983. That only lasted a few short years.  I stayed alone for awhile being single-mom and taking care of Georgette when she got cancer. I kept her home until the day that she died. We became very close, then I had to lose her. She loved her Grandchildren so much. Later, I lived with someone for 9 years who amazingly enough was an alcoholic. Why I stayed so long I do not know. That relationship finally ended and I have met and Married the man of my dreams, George Newman. Donny has married and divorced. I have a beautiful granddaughter, Haily Rose Miller --born Aug.5, 1995. I have worked at Polyclad Laminates for 11 years.  I am a supervisor. I am currently going back to school at 43 to get an associates degree in business management. We live in Danbury N.H., RR1 Box 19C Waukeena Lake RD. We own a beautiful house overlooking the lake. Well that's all for now. I have a scanner. I'll send you some pictures and hope to hear from you soon.


(Note from Richard Nadeau: The reason that JoAnn is listed under Henry's children and Martha's children is that JoAnn, who is Martha's daughter, was adopted by Henry, Martha's father. JoAnn then is both sister and daughter to Martha and is daughter and granddaughter to Henry while being sister and neice to Peter.)


Joann Nadeau (Martha Nadeau's daughter)

Contributed by Joann

Joann Nadeau

Given to me by Lucille Pare

Joann's wedding, Oct. 1982

From Joann's collection--thanks Joann

Joann and George Newman

Joann's collection

Georgette and Joann's children, Donny Miller and  Eric Morgan

From Joann's collection--thanks Joann

Henry (Henri-Louis) Nadeau

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