Raymond Nadeau & Ida Bolduc


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Raymond and Ida's wedding

To the right of  Ida is Henry, her father, Bolduc. To the right of  Henry in the rear is Elizabeth Gelly Nadeau.

Charly is to the left of Raymond with Salome between them.

Walking in the rear left of Charly is Paul. Woman left of Paul is Germaine

Felix's collection

l/r: Salomee, Charley, Raymond and bride--Ida, Henry Bolduc and wife ?

The Second Home

taken in 1984

Raymond Nadeau and Ida Bolduc Nadeau at the Stratton Power Company and Nadeau Store

Felix at age 4 or 5 with Captain/Bruce--story below

From Felixe's collection

Raymond and Felix (left) and Marcel (right)

Yvette's collection

Captain by Richard Nadeau, Felix

Richard wrote:

When we lived in Stratton, around 1949, and dad was boss at a lumber camp, one of the lumbermen brought to the camp a puppy shepherd which was subsequently kicked on the head by a horse. Fearing that the dog would never be normal, the owner gave dad the dog, which I named "Captain". I remember Captain breaking through a lumber camp window to follow dad and I to Canada on a trip to recruit workers. For miles he ran behind the car and refused to give up. We finally took him with us and dropped him off just before the lines and waited for him on the other side of the border where hew rejoined us. This was repeated on the return trip.

Captain was my constant companion and was always ready to protect me against the bullies when we moved to Auburn in 1952. Soon after moving, however, it became apparent that Captain was not going to adjust to urban life and he was given away. Only recently did I learn that Captain was given to Raymond in Stratton. I asked Felix about a collie/shepherd dog which he might have had. Yes, he once had a collie/shepherd which they named "Bruce".

I've been told that Bruce saved one of Raymond's children from the river and also saved another from being run over on the road in front of their home.

What do you remember about this wonderful dog Felix and Louise? How about you Nicole, Marcel or Loraine?

Felix Nadeau wrote - Feb 28, 2002:

Hi everybody, Richard, thanks for the photo and story about Captain (Bruce). He was part shephard and collie, too. He did save at least one of us kids but the story is vague since we were so young at the time. This dog was incredibly loyal and very protective of us kids. However as he grew older he became cranky and became a threat to people passing by the house. Dad had to have him put away (I think that Honore Dube was the one who did him in). In any case, Captain would get my vote as the number one Nadeau Pet of all time!

Felix Nadeau - Feb 28, 2002


Top center is Ida with mother and father, Henry Bolduc. Child is niece. Picture taken at Paul's house on Maine St. in Stratton. Street in distant background is Blanchard St.

Felix's collection

Raymond Nadeau

Felix's collection

l/r: Raymond and Gerard


top left: Henry Bolduc and wife with unknown person.

Two old ladies are left Elisabeth Gelly Nadeau and sister Anne Gelly Arseneault.

Next row kneeling at left is Rose, Ida's sister and Ida.

Children at left is Louise, Richard, Nicole and Ida's niece.

Picture taken in Stratton.


l/r: Raymond, Ida, Noella, Charly, Paul, and Rose

Taken in Stratton


From Linda's collection

Theresa, Gerard's first wife

From Linda's collection

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