Paul Emile Nadeau & Rose Bolduc


Paul Nadeau and Rose Bolduc in courtship--looks like the Bolduc house in St Martin.


Paul Nadeau and Rose Bolduc in courtship


Paul Nadeau and Rose Bolduc during courtship.

picture of Paul & Rose Nadeau's house in St. Martin, Canada


Same house in Year 2,000

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Paul and Rose

1-05612 Pauline's collection

Paul and Rose

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Paul and Rose

Right is Louise?

Felix's collection 

Richard on Rose, Nicole, Louise on Paul Nadeau. Last picture taken at the homestead before moving to Stratton.

Richard Nadeau

Paul's Homestead--Nicole remembers

Yes, I do have a few memories dating back to our farm homestead. But, remember that when we left I was about four, Louise about 2-1/2 and you (Richard) a year younger and not running around so much:


Mom and I had gone out to pick wild strawberries in the field. Suddenly smoke was coming out of the barn. We ran to the house. We had a young man help with farmwork while dad was away. He quickly put the fire out. Guess he had left the lantern too long close to the hay.

Nicole Nadeau Nemeth


Louise and I had gone for a walk and were crossing the wooden overpass on the brook. Suddenly a team of horses came upon us. I froze but Louise took a dive into the stream. The driver had not seen us coming. He was a neighbor. He quickly jumped into the stream after Louise and took us home. Fortunately, we were not hurt and were none the worse for the scare.

Nicole Nadeau Nemeth


As with all farmhouses that I know of, the kitchen had a trap door on the floor. This door was simply raised and braced while someone was down in the unfinished cellar. Simply a hole in the ground used to keep provisions over the winter. The trap door was raised when Louise stepped in. She took a nasty fall and hit the side of her mouth on the stairs. Louise still has the scars.

Nicole Nadeau Nemeth

The first house in Stratton as it appears from Mains street in 2002

Felix's collection 

Felix's collection 

Felix's collection 

Felix's collection 

Felix's collection

Felix's collection

Felix's collection 

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