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Copyright note

The Above Appendix D was taken from the excellent work done by Sisters of Mercy-- Sister Mary Rachel Nadeau and Sister Cecile A. Nadeau. I have attempted to contact the persons responsible for the dissemination of the excellent book to no avail. I will continue to try to obtain information as to where additional copies can be obtained and will post this for you. According to copyright laws, simple pedigree algorithms such as in Appendix D and published facts and records can not be copyright protected, irregardless of the source. As a courtesy, however, I have tried to give notice of my intention to copy but have not been able to reach the right people. I will continue to make attempts to do so.

This Addendum will be updated with notes beneath the pages. Most of the research on the Eastern Nadeaus was done by Sister Rachel by 1972. Please feel free to send me information.

If my understanding of the copyright laws are in error, please enlighten me.

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