Poisonous Fungi


Bitter Bolete

Not exactly poisonous but very bitter. Differs from King Bolete (choice) in that the veins on the stem of King Bolete are white.


Purple-staining Milkcap (Lactarius uvidus)


Arora says that all purple and yellow staining milkcaps should be avoided


Emetic Russula; The Sickener (Russula emetica)

Can be used to induce vomiting. Parboiling is said to destroy the toxins.

Popular as food by Russians and Himalayan villagers.

The Russians prepare it by covering with salt for several days until the bitterness is removed and to draw the toxins and juices. They do this with other bitter Russulas as well.

This species has a white stem (not pink)


(Cortinarius tragasus)

Rusty or Cinnamon colored gills. Not firmly established as poisonous but believed to be.

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