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Saffron Milkcap (Lactarious deliciosus)

Zoned orange cap which produces a red milk which slowly stains flesh green when cut.

Orange-Ring Milkcap (L. thyinos) is similar except it doesn't stain green

Bleeding Milk Cap (Lactarius rubrilacteus) is similar to L. deliciosus except that the milk is bright red or orange-red.

Peck's Milkcap (L. peckii) is similar to L. thyinos except it has white milk and is very peppery

Slow cooking (such as in casserole) or rapid cooking in frying pan or salting (such as by Russian methods) supposedly lessons the objectionable graininess of all of them and the peppery taste of  L. peckii


As above


Candy Cap (Lactarius fragilis)

This is one of my favorites--it has the odor of maple syrup, especially when cooked or being dried, which will permeate the house. It has a mild pleasant taste. The unstaining white milk is not always evident during a very dry season, but the odor, tan color, very brittle nature overall, somewhat waxy feel to cap and gills, and hollow stem are unmistakable. The maple syrup odor is very distinguishing.

The colors in this picture are not true. They should be tan to brownish-orange and the cap, gills, and stem basically the same color. The base of the stem is lighter, even white. I find this in thick moss under mixed forest.

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