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By Felix Nadeau - Jan 10, 2001

Greetings to all...Monique and I have just returned from a 4 day trip to Stratton and the Beauce Region of the Province of Quebec. The emphasis of the trip was to visit family, which included Moniques people in Megantic, the Nadeau's of St Jean de la Lande and the Bolducs (from my mothers side)of St Martin. Following is some news....

Our first stop was in Stratton to visit Dick. I won't elaborate since he provides us with his own news, but it's always a treat to have coffee and conversation with Dick. The new puppies are adorable and as always Dick has a number of unique projects underway. So if you would like a new dog and/or interesting company......Visit Dick in Stratton!

We had a great lunch with Rodrigue and Yolande in St Jean. Everyone is in good health and Rodrigue is very busy in his job with the municipality, his maple sugar operation and many projects at his home. He has plans to visit Minnesota later this summer for weddings etc. Hopefully he and Yolande will also find time to come to Maine. He informed us that Joe's (Colomb) companion died of cancer two weeks ago and that he (Joe) has had a successful operation for his prostate cancer. Otherwise all is well with Raymond,Gisele (who is in St Georges), Catherine, et al.

Pauline is doing well in spite of a broken rib. She was in GREAT spirits and is happy in her small home which is decorated with Indian artifacts. It is truly fascinating to visit with her. She has an enormous appetite for family news and would like to hear from you guys. Her major project now is to plan for an Abenaki Indian celebration/ceremony which she hosts at her home in June.

As you may know, Gaby (Gabriel) and Pauline now live in the old family home and own part of Fernand's old farm. They are redoing the whole thing and it looks great. Like all retired people, Gaby says that he can't find the time to do it all. They also hope to travel to Ontario this summer to visit their four kids who all live in that region. It really brought back a lot of memories to visit Fernands old homestead.

I had hoped to visit our grandmothers (Salomie) gravesite but there was SO MUCH snow and I was running out of time. Sorry to have been so longwinded. As for us all is well and we are continuing to do remodeling/painting etc. Already we can't wait to go to Florida in March. Bye for now and stay in touch!....Love Felix

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