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Marcel Nadeau

Bonjour. I am Marcel Nadeau, 4195 Padgett Rd., Powell River. B.C. Canada. Phone: 604-485-2610 fax: 604-485-9199

My father was Joseph Herman Nadeau m. to Jeanne Brulotte at St-Andre church in Biddeford Me. on Oct 18 1920. His father was Albert Nadeau m. to Cesarine Rouillard in Biddeford Me. on Feb 22 1892. His parents were Guillaume William Nadeau and Marie Emond m. at St-Robert, Que. on Jan 9 1866. Guillaume's parents were Antoine Nadeau & Julie Jacques m. at Yamaska, Que. on Nov 6 1832. Antoine jr's  parents were Antoine, sr. & Marg Desorcy. He descended from Jean Baptiste Nadeau & Ag Theroux Laferte of Yamaska on Oct 16 1780. He descended from Francois Nadeau & Marg Forcier of Yamaska  in 1742. He descended from Francois Nadeau & Marie Duquet Sablonceau, Saintonge France & St-Francois du Lac Que. --- Salutation Marcel.

Happpppy Birthday Richard. Here is the other side of my family: Jeanne Brulotte m. J. H. Nadeau. My maternal grand- father was Celestin Brulotte m. to Melina Lambert on Dec 26 1887 m. at Biddeford Me.>>>Joseph Brulotte & Vitaline Labonte m. at St-Ferdinand, Que. June 12 1859>>>Francois Brulotte & Domitilde Demers St-Nicolas, Que m. on Oct 16 1832>>>Francois Brulotte & Marie Josephte Guay at Levis Jan. 8 1799 the same Francois m # 1 wife Genevievre Francoise Guay Sept 26 1785 died Dec 4 1793>>>Charles Brulotte & Marie Josephte Demers at Levis Que. May 12 1745>>>Charles Brulotte & Marguerite Nadeau m. at Lauzon Jan 26 1712.

Marguerite Nadeau was the daughter of Jean Nadeau & Anne Lacasse. His father was Ozanie Nadeau and we are related on that side. Happy Birthday cousin....Marcel.

Allo Richard. You met my brothers Maurice & Robert and my sister Carmen at Madawaska last year. Apparently you where there with my cousin Richard Nadeau from Biddeford. Maurice did the genealogy in 1952-1953. I was  born in Montreal. I never lived in Biddeford. My parent moved back to Canada around 1930 or 1931 because I made my debut in 1932--the first one in the family born in Canada.....I 'm living on the Sunshine Coast of  B.C.--rain for ten month sand sunshines for two...We ,my brothers and I, intend to go to France in October for genealogy  and Pineau des Charentes, wines, and cheeses. We will be in Sablonceau, Charente Maritime....Marcel.

Richard Nadeau wrote: Marcel, thanks for the birthday greetings. Looks like you have bridged the two Nadeau lines--mind if I post it to the Nadeau Page? What has taken you up BC from Biddeford area? Where did do you get your genealogy information? How is the weather up your way. Have a good day, Richard

Hello Richard. I am in the process of finding some price on airfare from Vancouver ,BC to Paris, France....Where I'm supposed to meet with my 2 brothers, Robert and Maurice. That trip is first to learn more about our ancestors so we will be visiting Sablonceau, Grenouillac and various other sites, towns and hamlets where some of the relatives came from.

Maurice is the specialist in genealogy. He just came back from a trip in Japan and he needed a rest before going to France, so around the 7th or 8th of October we will be looking for genealogy.. For me, I will be looking more for cheeses, since I'm preparing a big cheese-tasting event for November 4. There will be 80 people sampling about 9 different types of cheeses from France. You are welcome to it....Your cousin Marcel

Hi, Finally I'm back on--after more than a month being shot down. My trip to France never realize and I was very busy with my wine & cheese party. I am sending some pictures. Don't count the wine; the guests drank more than seventy bottles.......

My brother Maurice would like to be in contact with you..his e-mail add: maurnado@hotmail.com. He was unable to contact you. He is a computer novice but also director of the Nadeau association and he wants the association to start a site on the Nadeau family--maybe you can help each other.

I present my wife Helene and myself on one picture and my son and his wife Yanick and Ildiko Nadeau on the other picture...Good night, Marcel.

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Subject: 1st contact

Hi! Cousin Richard:   So, you are in Biddeford, ME. I was born in a house on Hill St. my parents told me. The place burnt down when I was a baby and I was pull out through the 2nd floor window......I am still scare of fire. How do you like my story.

These days I am quite busy being in charge of the annual meeting of Les Nadeau d'Amerique Inc. to be held in Montreal. As soon as the program is translated in English I will mail it to you. But, please reserve some time to attend on August 10, 11, 12, and come with a bus load of Nadeaus.

We are working on a Business Card booklet. Send me your card by mail and we will add it.

Maurice Nadeau


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William and Sharon Nadeau

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> From: Wiliam Nadeau <william.nadeau.a@sympatico.ca>

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> Date: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 1:03 PM

> Subject: My Grandfather (William).

Richard ! Thank you for the info about your grandfather. Just to show you how little I know about my family. It is nice to see people close to their family as you are, not my case. I never knew my grandparents (Theophile Nadeau, or Marie Martha Bourque) on my father side of the family, never seen them or talked to them. All the information I have today is from research building my family tree and some stories from my father before he past away in 97.

Grandfather's name was Theophile Nadeau who was born in Carleton, P.Q. Canada. In june 26, 1872, at the age of 23, he was living in Eel River N.B., Canada as a farmer.

At that same age he married, 1st mariage, Marie Martha Bourque age 22 from Bonaventure Quebec. They got married on 2/25/1895. Out of this union  they had 17 children. My grandmother passed away not long after her last child (complications). After Theophile remarred with Alma Duguay and of this union had 5 more children. Wow, what a big family?...total of 22..........Probably this was the reason he was still working at 81. I have an old  picture of him taken from the newspaper of  Dalhousie, N.B. We can see him driving his horse and wagon to work. He was the caretaker of the municipal dump site. He would open or lock the gates.. One day, he fell from a chair changing a fuse in his house, and several months after died of an infection from a broken hip, he was 85 when he past away on 11/26/1957.

Richard , actually I am looking for information on a captain Nadeau who was hanged by General's Murray's army on their way to Montreal in 1759-60. They hanged him for breach of faith. This Nadeau was in the Canadian militia. General Murray wrote latter on "I hanged a Captain of militia (Nadeau) and I have a priest and some Jesuits aboard a ship of war to be transmitted to Great Britain. This happened after the battle of the plaines of Abraham in 1759. Taken from the book "Battle for a Continent Quebec 1759" by Gordon Donaldson..

I enjoy doing research on our family -- the Nadeau's. They were the first french Canadians who built this country and they have a lot of stories to tell us..

Till the next time.

Best regards to you and your family Richard !

William & Sharon Nadeau...

Richard Nadeau wrote:

Hi William and Sharon:

Sorry for the delay in responding. The Captain Nadeau story you mention is interesting and no doubt there are many other such stories in the Nadeau lines, but I find nothing but good, hardworking farmers for the most part in my branch--rather dull. There are a few gold panners which made up the 89ners in Dawson such as Louis and Marjorique Nadeau along with a few other Nadeaus which are very interesting and need more research. I had hoped that I would find reference to voyageurs but not as yet. I need to read more history related books. If you find out more interesting stuff, let me know and I will post it. Perhaps others will be able to provide further info. Can I quote you on the family page?


William wrote:

Hi Richard and family!

How is everything? fine I hope. Glad to hear from you... For X-mass I got from my wife two books on Canada's history, the past 500 years, one is called (Canada : A PEOPLE'S HISTORY) by Don Gillmor & Pierre Turgion. Here is their web site: www.mcclelland.com, if you want to look it up. The TV series plays every sunday night at 8:00 pm for two hours, and the other book is called "Canada - Quebec 1534-2000"  by Jacques Lacoursiere, Jean Provencher, Denis Vaugeois. They are very good books.. I am now going through all the names of the Carignan Regiment that arrived in New France around the 1600s, and also the role of the Canadian malitia around Quebec in the year 1776.   I have the list of captains names, and I have the names of the ships that arrived in Quebec from 1633 to 1704. The ancestor, Joseph Ozanny Nadeau--dit Lavigne, who arrived," possible" in the summer of 1660 would have taken, looking at the list, the "Saint-Jean" 100t ship. It's captain was Elie Raymond. He sailed from "Normandie France" along with 3 other ships but they don't give the names, only the captain's, Cap Lefevre, Cap Pointel, both came from "La Rochelle France"..

Didn't come out with the Nadeau name yet in these documents but still searching...

Richard! just to tell you I was born in Quebec city and that I didn't know that I was from french or acadian descendants.

Well, till next time, best regards to you and family.

William & Sharon

P.S. My english spelling is a bit rusted,sorry about that Richard!

It's OK to quote my note on the family page....................


Bill Pavao

Hello My Friend!!!!

I was very happy to find your website this evening. I have been working on my genealogy very seriously for about 16 years. I wanted to provide you with a general outline of my Nadeau ancestors. I would be more than happy to provide all the detailed information I have as well as photographs. I do have photos of all generations from myself back to, and including, my great-great grandparents, Venerand and Marie [Dupont] Dupont.

A basic list of my Nadeau ancestors are as follows:

1. Myself - William L. Pavao, Jr, the son of:

2. My father - William L. Pavao. He was the son of:

3. my grandmother - Irene Melva Dupont m. Manuel Pavao. She was the daughter of:

4. my great-grandfather - Leon Dupont m. Grace Fielding. He was the son of:

5. my gg grandmother - Marie Dupont m. Venerand Dupont [1st cousins] She was the daughter of:

6. my ggg grandmother - Marie Nadeau and Hypollite Dupont [aka Paul]. She was the daughter of:

7. my ggg grandfather - Charles Nadeau and Marguerite Blais. He was the son of:

8. my gggg grandfather - Charles Nadeau and Marie Lacasse. He was the son of:

9. my ggggg grandfather - Zacharie Nadeau and Francoise Gosselin. He was the son of:

10. my 6th g-grandfather - Jean Nadeau and Louise Turgeon. He was the son of:

11. my 7th g-grandfather - Denis Nadeau and Marie Charlotte Lacasse. He was the son of:

12. my 8th g-grandfather - Joseph Osanny Nadeau and Marguerite Abraham. He was the son of:

13. my 9th g-grandfather - Macias Nadeau dit Lavigne and Jeanne Despins

I would very much like to keep in contact with you. If I could be of any help to you please let me know.


Bill Pavao

32 Durham Rd.

Dedham, MA 02026


Fran Vitale

Hello cousin,

My family tree is as follows:

Joseph Ossany Nadeau, father of Jean Baptise Nadeau, father of Antoine Nadeau, father of Louis Nadeau, father of Loius Nadeau, father of Antoine Nadeau, father of Adolphe Nadeau, father of Joseph Simon Nadeau, father of Anna Nadeau Beaudry, mother of Louise Beaudry Vitale, mother of me (Frances. A. Vitale )

Here is the posting from the genealogy web site at the Latter Day Saints for my great grandfather Jospeh Simon Nadeau:

Individual Record 1881 Canadian Census

Joseph NADEAU Household


Other Information:

Birth Year <1867>

Birthplace Q <Quebec>

Age 14


Marital Status

Ethnic Origin French

Head of Household Adolphe NADEAU

Religion Catholic

Source Information:

Census Place Roxton Falls, Shefford, Quebec

Family History Library Film 1375837

NA Film Number C-13201

District 59

Sub-district H

Page Number 9

Household Number 50

Thanks for your genealogy info.

Fran Vitale


Pat  Nadeau Freeland

Hi, My name is Pat Freeland. I live in Dillingham, Alaska. My father was Joseph Osanie Nadeau. Born 1916 in Mass. I have an Uncle Jerry Nadeau living in Wrentham Mass. I also have a brother, Joseph Gregory Nadeau who lives in Florida....


Sharon Moira McMillion

Hello Cousin!

I was perusing the www & came across your fabulous site! I also 'found' your page on

DENIS NADEAU III -- from which I descend.

In reading further down the page, AIMEE NADEAU was mentioned. Ii don't know

HOW we're related, but have a photo of him! I'll forward this along for your site as soon as I get my new scanner.

On the back of the photo it says:


Born: April 25, 1830; Born in Baie Le Chalur, Prov. of Quebe, Canada

Died: June, 1905; Died in Eastport, ME

As a child, I was told many times the story (while my Great-grandfather [Charles Augustus Nadeau] was in Paris for 'business') of how my Great-grandmother (Elizabeth Jane Stewart Nadeau) came across the U.S. in a covered-wagon along with my grandmother (Frances); her two sisters, 'Cody' and 'Hazel' and brother, 'Murray' Nadeau. I'm not certain of how much embelishment "gramma" added to the story, but it seemed quite adventurous!

Please let me know if you have any new information on the family; in the meantime, I'll be enjoying all the other family posts.

Warmest regards,

Cousin Sharon

Here is my line:

Sharon Moira McMillion

b: 20 July 1956; Orange, CA

m. 20 June 1981, Newport Beach, CA William James Hanson

Marjorie Joan Causey;

b: 25 AUG 1934; Long Beach, CA

m. 1953 - St. Anthony's Cathedral, Long Beach, CA

Walter Harrison McMillion; b.03/26/1932, Whipple, WV


Clarence McMillion, WV


Virginia Colbert

My grandmother is:

Frances Elizabeth Nadeau

b: 28 MAR 1901; Eastport, ME

m: James Oliver ( 'J.O.' ) Causey (family from MO)

d: 15 JAN 1985; Laguna Beach, CA


/Joseph-Osanny NADEAU b: Abt 1637


Author: Paul Goodwin Date: 5 Jun 2005 5:18 PM GMT

I'm looking for info on Octave Nadeau b. Apr 1858. Wife Josephine Apr 1860 lived in Rumford on 1900 census. Children were Eva b. Mar 1892, Willimina b. 1894, Alice b. 1896, and my g-grandfather Alexander b. 1-24-1896. The family later lived in Jay (Franklin Co., Maine) on the 1910 census. Children alive then were Willimina, Arris B., Alexander and Alpha A. Octave died bet 1910-1920 because Josephine was listed as widow on 1920 census. Any help will be appreicated. plowboy34v50@yahoo.com

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