Purpose Statement

This page was created as a repository for family and genealogical periphernalia--as an archive, so to speak. It will contain, documents, picture, anecdotes, records and genealogies.

Many people today are choosing to be cremated upon their deaths, leaving little evidence of their existence except for their good and bad deeds as footprints in the sand. Children are their legacy and memory trace, which does not reach far in time. There are few testaments of their existence, except for what might be written in record.

Genealogies give those who seek it a connection with the past--an identity which is personal and unique. Family trees alone say little. Ancestors need to be placed within historical sketches to give meaning. Personal anecdotes, good and bad, give them breath and life. It is my intention to present as factually as possible the truth as I research it. I will identify what is presumed, conjectured, felt, and known--giving references, reasons, and details. To me, a genealogie should be more than a list or bunch of sterile pictures or names. As you flip the pages, you should get a sense of  greater understanding for your makeup.  I feel that a genealogy should be written compassionately for the survivors and family but should be factual and true--not sterile and sugar-coated and not condemning. Circumstance and heredity determine what we do in life. Tragedy strikes some of us. We should gain an understanding for the way things are and a compassion for all the players of tragedy, including the one who is blamed for the tragedy, for (s)he too is a victim of circumstance. Those of us who are spared the terrible pain and anguish of tragedy have only to think of  how close we have come.

Sisters Rachel and Cecile wrote an excellent genealogy. This book needs updating and more needs to be added to the Eastern clan. It is not my intention to try and rewrite this book. I would like to try and make it available to more people, and I'm sure that Sister Rachel  and Cecile Nadeau would approve of that. She sold the book to any family  (of numerous families) member who was interested and placed it in some public libraries. What I hope to achieve is to produce an addendum over a period of time in the form of a pictorial and anecdotal archive to breath life into the characters. We also need to centralize the pictures in a format retrievable by any member of the family. This way the pictures will not be lost and will be available to all.

In my years of research on the family, I have come across some very interesting stories. No doubt, you also have some interesting stories. I wish that you would come forward with these stories and give breath to the actors of life and death.

Most of you know that I have for years invested much money and time to genealogical and family archiving and research (since 1962) waiting for the proper tools to be able to do something with the data. And so I, and we, shall embark on a journey of cyber-genealogy. You can choose to be actively involved or just be a voyeur. I hope that you get right into it with me. The Nadeau page and community is a beginning. With a better computer, I could do much more. I could do the video genealogies for which I had archived several years ago when I visited most of you and obtained video copies of your albums. Perhaps I shall win a sweepstake and get the $6,000 for the supercomputer needed to do the work.

Join me, sister, cousin, aunt and uncle, and in-law or foster Nadeau in making this venture a success! You can help by actively joining the Nadeau Community at MyFamily.com (see below) and contributing stories and pictures. You can participate in events and reunions, but you can help by seeing to it that I do not veer from my promise to be factual and compassionate. You can also create your own Nadeau Page to link together with others.

I hope, in the Winter months, to add to the genealogy book and post many pictures to this page and to the Community page. Please, Please send me your family pictures, stories, and facts to share.

The ramifications of the internet for information exchange and what this offers for education, cultural change, power, potential for good or evil are mind bogling. We can now instantly visit each other across the world with live images and speech! I hope to capitalize on this capability in the future.

If you are not already subscribed to the Nadeau community below, please take the time to do so now.

Please bear with me while I work on these pages. I can see right off that the pictures section will have to be re-organized to make retrieval easier. Please excuse the spelling or grammatical errors. The pages are posted on the net in an incomplete form because they may still be useful and invite comment for further revision. Please add your comments and suggestions or criticisms.


Although this is my private site, it is deliberately not password-protected so that it can be available to more who can use it. It is protected from tampering.

If  for any reason, you feel that not enough attention has been given to your privacy, please send me a note requesting that specific items be deleted. I have tried to not release information which might be used by some evil-doers to do you harm. Only published and public information is released unless otherwise requested. Current phone numbers, addresses, etc... are not available here but can be obtained by screened individuals by writing to me.

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